November meeting, work days, hunter sight-in

A few quick announcements:

The November meeting will begin at 7:00pm, tomorrow night, November 2nd.

(Yes, we know this is not in compliance with the daylight savings schedule.  It was incorrectly communicated in a previous e-mail that the meeting would start at 7:00 – so that’s what we’re sticking with.)


Hunter Sight-In is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 5 & 6), from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  $5/gun.

Contact Bill Q. if you are planning on helping out to staff the shooting line.


Work Days.  Progress continues on the building project.  Next objective is to finish the interior insulation and sheeting by the end of this weekend.  Much of the insulation work can be done on your own if you have some time to spare.  Otherwise, work will be done during this hunter sight-in weekend.  Tools needed if working with insulation: mask, gloves, tape measure, cutting device.  Tools needed if working on sheeting: gloves, eye protection, tape measure, pencil/sharpie, saws, impact drivers w/ Torx (T-25) bit.  A sawsall and jig saw would be handy for cutting around windows and outlets.

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