La Crosse Rifle Club NRA Training Courses

Hello La Crosse Rifle Club members!

This is just a reminder that this coming weekend will be a three day series of NRA instructor courses.  The range will not be closed to the membership, only the clubhouse will be in use on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with some use of the east handgun range later each afternoon.  On Friday, the east handgun range will be in use for about an hour in the afternoon, Saturday it will be in use for about three hours later in the afternoon, and Sunday it will be in use for about three hours later in the afternoon.  Club members will still be able to go into the clubhouse to get targets, rest room use, etc.

In case you are interested in becoming an NRA instructor, the following is some information on information about each class.  The NRA Pistol Instructor certification class will be on Friday, September 26 beginning at 7am.  Saturday, September 27 will be the student Personal Protection Outside the Home class (this is a prerequisite to the instructor class) and Sunday, September 28 will be the instructor Personal Protection Outside the Home class.

Should you be interested in taking these classes and would like more information, please contact Don Larson at 952-836-1843 or email him at  He has told me there is still room let in all three classes.


Nathan Fater

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