New Safety Procedure

When you see this orange cone, that means someone is down range and it is NOT safe to shoot on the rifle range.

The La Crosse Rifle Club strives to keep our shooting range safe.  We currently use a range flag to warn members and guests of any activities such as mowing, maintenance or shooting that might be going on down range.  Along with the range flag that we currently use, we are now going to use an orange safety cone that will be placed on the third concrete bench rests table. This will be more easily seen on the right hand side of the rifle range.  When the flag and cone are in place, there will be no shooting on the main rifle range! This closure includes the 50yard, 100yard, 200yard, 300yard and the 600 yard ranges. It does not include the pistol ranges to the east and west of the club house. If you think the flag and cone has been left out by mistake, it’s your responsibility to check down range for any activity before any shooting takes place.

The sporting clay work parties will leave written information under the cone as needed. Sporting clays work parties, whenever possible, will leave the range so that you can shoot your rifle.

The range flag will be kept as usual, in the green shed.  The safety cone will be stored in the old shed (bench rest house) next to the covered firing points.

Submitted by: Tim Betlach

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