November meeting, work days, hunter sight-in

A few quick announcements:

The November meeting will begin at 7:00pm, tomorrow night, November 2nd.

(Yes, we know this is not in compliance with the daylight savings schedule.  It was incorrectly communicated in a previous e-mail that the meeting would start at 7:00 – so that’s what we’re sticking with.)


Hunter Sight-In is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 5 & 6), from 9:00am to 3:00pm.  $5/gun.

Contact Bill Q. if you are planning on helping out to staff the shooting line.


Work Days.  Progress continues on the building project.  Next objective is to finish the interior insulation and sheeting by the end of this weekend.  Much of the insulation work can be done on your own if you have some time to spare.  Otherwise, work will be done during this hunter sight-in weekend.  Tools needed if working with insulation: mask, gloves, tape measure, cutting device.  Tools needed if working on sheeting: gloves, eye protection, tape measure, pencil/sharpie, saws, impact drivers w/ Torx (T-25) bit.  A sawsall and jig saw would be handy for cutting around windows and outlets.

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Building Project – new work days

We had a great, productive work day today on the building project!  THANK YOU to everyone that was able to lend a hand.  We had a great crew today.

The work is scheduled to continue this coming Tuesday (10/18) evening starting at 5:00pm.  We have lighting so we can work on the interior after dark.

Additionally, this coming Saturday (10/22) – starting at Noon – we’ll continue to wrap up the exterior sofit and fascia as well as the interior sheeting and insulation.

Tools needed: ladders, table saw, air nailer, cordless driver, tape measure, pencil.

For handling the insulation you may want: long sleeve shirt, gloves, face mask, box cutter/knife

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October meeting & work “evening”

This Wednesday, October 5th at 8:00 pm, we will hold our monthly club meeting.  This is the last meeting of the year at this time.  Starting November we’ll move to 7:00 pm.

The building project is coming along nicely.  Click here to see a progress photo.

We could use your help on Wednesday before the club meeting to finish the sofit and fascia.  Ideally, we need 3-4 crews to complete it in one evening.  Work to begin at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, 10/5.  A portable table saw would be very helpful as well as your own ladder.  Bring gloves as well because this stuff can be sharp!

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Saturday, September 17, 2016 – Work Day

Another work day has been added to help complete the building project.  THIS SATURDAY, September 17th, starting at 8:00am.

Goal is to complete the siding and begin work on the sofit and fascia.

Ladders will be needed!

If you happen to have a portable table saw, that would be very much appreciated for the siding work.

Other tools that are helpful: pencil/sharpie/marking device, level, cordless driver/drill, tape measure.

We could REALLY use your help to complete this project.  There has been a very small turnout for help the last couple of work days.  If you can spare some time this Saturday, it will be very much appreciated.

Click here to view how its shaping up!

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Work day THIS SATURDAY 9/10

The building project is coming along nicely. In the last two work evenings
(8/31 & 9/7), windows and the sliding glass door were installed along with
some additional sheeting.

THIS SATURDAY, 9/10, we’ll have another work day to put on the siding and
other finishing items. If you are available to help, please arrive at
8:00am with whatever you’ve got for tools (screw gun, saws, pencil, square,
level, etc.).

THANK YOU to all that have helped so far!

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