May 3 club meeting

The gun auction to support the Junior Rifle team will begin at 7:00pm tonight.

The regular club meeting will begin at 8:00pm.  Club meetings will start at 8:00pm the first Wednesday of the month through October.

We have a new sporting clays brochure that can be found here.  It is also linked on the About Us page.

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April 5 Meeting – 8:00pm

Tonight’s meeting will begin at 8:00pm.  We will meet at this time during Daylight Savings Time.

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2017 High Power Rifle / F-Class Match Scheulde

We have update the schedule for 2017 in the High Power Rifle Page. Please look for the schedule and match programs.

Thanks so much, can’t wait for this coming year.

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Meeting tonight: 2/1/2017!

Meeting tonight at 7:00pm.  Please be advised that the road into the club and areas around the club house are VERY slippery!

Approach the gate slowly – its icy – and please be careful walking from your vehicle to the club house.

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Its a new year! Happy 2017!

A few announcements:

1) The grace period to pay 2017 dues is ending.  If you haven’t paid your 2017 dues, you will no longer be a member of the La Crosse Rifle Club.

2) The new building has heat!  To turn it on, there is a timer switch to the right of the main entry door.  Please remember to turn off ALL lights (especially outdoor lights!) and the furnace when you’re finished using the building.  The furnace timer was installed to mitigate anyone forgetting to turn it off.

3) We’re looking at additional work days to finish the interior trim on Saturday and/or Sunday January 14 & 15.  We’ll need an air compressor and finish nailer to complete this work.  If you have those and can help, please use the Contact Us form.

4) Update on .22 fun-shoot/winter league from Jon Welda

We will start our .22 rifle fun-shooting on Thursday 19 January at 7pm.  Jon will be there at 6pm or earlier. This is informal for now.  I will try to put you in a class based on your Rifle.  Example a 1022 will be Hunter class.  A heavy target Rifle will be in unlimited ect.  I will try to make it as fair as possible.  We will shoot 10 targets over ten weeks.  If you want to get ahead you can shoot more.  Or make up a missed night, you can.  As of now I have three different positions to shoot from: Offhand/standing, prone or bench.

There will be a box in the club house to put targets in.  You can shoot anytime weekends or whenever.  There will be a fee for targets and the heat.  I will let you know when we get closer to the match.  Any questions email or call Jon Welda.

5) The Board is meeting this Wednesday, January 11th to discuss a variety of items.

6) Club winter social will be held at Schmitty’s on Saturday, February 4th.  6:00 drinks, 7:00 dinner.  Please RSVP to Bill Q if you plan on attending.

7) Polar Bear match will be held on Sunday, February 5th beginning at 11:00am. You’re welcome to bring a dish to pass and something for a door prize (not required of course!). Bring your rifle, black powder or pistol to compete.

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